I never thought this is going to be my first blog post when I started setting up my blog last night. I received a letter to be translated from Farsi to English. The content of this letter really touched me so I requested permission to post part of it here.


“We hereby would like to reject our resettlement offer to the United States of America. Our reasons for

these decisions are as follows:

We have lived a long and miserable life in Iran, where both the majority of people and the government are

racist. Our life in Iran was filled with fear, humiliation and discrimination. Afghan national are treated like

animals in Iran and live each moment under the shadow of harassment and deportation. Fleeing from our

own country for the fear of being persecuted we could neither go back to Afghanistan nor could we stay in

Iran. These conditions forced us two girls to leave our family behind and flee to Indonesia to seek refuge in

hope of finding identity and security and live without the fear of being harassed or persecuted. We have

been offered resettlement to USA about seven months ago and we are thankful that they have offered us a

shelter . However we can clearly see a huge shift in US’s plans and politics which has moved towards being

more anti-Muslim, anti-refugees and anti-immigrants. Seeing these reminds us of the bitter life we spent in

Iran and so we do not want to live and experience fear and persecution once again. We do not want to seek

asylum in a country where we are not welcomed. We do not want to be harassed and persecuted in a

country where people think we are terrorists. We fear! we are scared! We do not want to be resettled to

another country where we have to hide our identity and live in presentiment.

We have also had a tough life in Indonesia, where we have been harassed and intimidated. We have been

attacked! Men tried to rape us! People called us whore! We have been bitten! We have been rubbed! We

have been cheated! And all of these has happened to us in Indonesia just because we are two asylum

seeker girls without a male company!

We are grateful for all your help and efforts in helping asylum seekers like us.”