When the waste disposed in nature, it begins to disappear. Some things only takes a few weeks to disappear. Other things take more than 1,000 years. Dead animals and dog turds degrade rapidly. This is because bacteria, flies, caterpillars, ants and other insects quickly start eating the waste.

Bacteria and insects do not eat glass, metal and things like that. Therefore, they remain several years in nature. According to a new report from the World Economic Forum every year over eight million tons of plastic waste is thrown into the oceans. It takes up to many hundreds of years before plastic is broken down.

If you sit on the beach one summer and enjoying a beer or a soda and throw the container out, it takes about 400 years before the plastic is degraded and about a million years before the glass bottle is degraded.

This might not be the problem by itself but when you realize that for example all this plastic are broken down into micro-plastics over hundreds of years, and it will enter the food chain for the marine animals and it will end up in your stomach then you understand the problem you caused. Every third time you eat mussels, there is a piece of plastic included in it.



It takes 6 weeks for a newspaper to decompose.



It takes 3 months for a waxed milk carton to decompose.



It takes 1 to five years for a cigarette butt to decompose.



It takes 10 to 20 years for a plastic bag to decompose.



It takes 50 years for a foam plastic cup to decompose.



It takes 80 to 200 years for an aluminum can to decompose.



It takes 450 years for  plastic bottæes to decompose.



It takes one million years for a glass bottle to decompose.

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